The 7 arts

I really love paintings because you can see the colours and the sensations that they create.

by Francisco García

I am keen on sculptures.  I think it is amazing to be able to create masterpieces with your hands.

by Sonia Saura, former EOI 

Javier student.

I really like the paintings. I like colours and interpreting them.

by Irene Larrocha, EOI Totana teacher

I think gastronomy is one of the main arts because it reflects cultural aspects.

by M.María Moreno

I like arts in general and I reckon that the art of cooking should be considered as one of the 7 arts.

by Ana López

I absolutely like architecture because buildings are so important for our cities. When I travel, I always look at buildings.

by Antonio López, EOI Murcia former student

Dancing is for me one of the most exciting arts because you can express yourself through movement.

by Elena García, EOI Mazarrón teacher