Opinion post

  • After watching these videos, I'm really impressed and shocked with the girl that silenced the world in 5 minutes. All what she says is so true...I understood her speech perfectly! - Sent by Ana Carrión, former student EOI.

  • I do like the Story of the Stuff video. It made me think about all the unnecessary things that we buy and about the environment in general- sent by Francisco García, EOI Cartagena

  • I think that the Girl who silenced the world in 5 minutes is great. It makes adults reflect about greed and values.- Sent by Mario Escobar, former student EOI Murcia.

  • I really liked the video with the images of Global warming...Sometimes we forget about this problem and the images show how things are getting worse.- by Juani Sánchez, EOI Fuente Álamo

  • As we can see on this video climate change is making strong and terrible changes on the weather producing dangerous natural disasters. In my opinion, I believe that the most striking image is how the Antarctica’s ice is melting and in this way polar bears are losing their habitat Yes, I have experienced an earthquake but thanks God I wasn’t on the epicentre and there wasn’t too much damage where I was. At home, there were only some fallen dishes and lockets, and the shelves moved a bit but nothing important. By Alicia Sánchez, EOI Mazarrón.

  • Our planet is changing little by little. The poles are melting, a cause of that is that there are floods. The temperatures are higher every year.  Some species will be extinct because of us.  We don´t respect the environment and natural areas.I think that the tsunami and earthquake which took place in Japan in 2011, was the worst natural disaster I´ve ever seen. Thousands of people died and lost their houses, families…everything! There was a menace of nuclear disaster too. That was horrible! Near here, in Lorca, there was an earthquake in the same year. Many buildings were demolished because of the strong tremor. I had a friend in this time who live there, she couldn´t enter in her house… that disaster was striking in our city.


by Mª Carmen Cortés, NI2 EOI Mazarrón