Music Therapy

  • Music plays an important part in my life because it’s is part of my culture and traditions. I do think that the musical tastes have changed a lot in the last decade and I also think that the musical trends have been manipulated by the media. For me the most important aspect is education. Music should be compulsory at school since it enhances creativity and skills that are important for life- by Mar Martínez, former EOI San Javier student.

  • I love music and yes, I do reckon it's a good therapy. Music makes you switch your mind off, relax and feel, and that's good for our daily lives and for our spirits. by Antonio López, former EOI Murcia student.

  • Yes, I think that music should be used to take care of people. It is also very useful to practice exercise, meditation and to dance which is very healthy for our bodys and minds! - Sent by Silvia Zamora, EOI Murcia student.