Do you play any musical instrument? Do you compose your own songs? Record one of them and share it with us!

What's your favourite song?

In your opinon, what is the best group, singer or band ever?

Write an opinion post talking about it, talk about the band or singer, the music, and why you like it.

Have you ever been to any music festival? Was it an international music festival or a national one? do you have any anecdote?

Do you remember any memorable concert?

Who did you listen to? Did you enjoy? How was the atmosphere?

Talk for three minutes about it (oral monologue). You can use your mp3, your computer or programmes such as sonoweb to record your speech.


Answer this quiz about music. Are you into music?

Do you like musicals? Have you ever seen one? What's your favourite musical? Why? Read here to have a look at the musicals!

Do some research on the links about musicals and choose your

favourite one!

Have you ever heard about the concept of music therapy? Read here and here. What do you think the benefits of listening to music are? What are the advantages of using music as a therapy?

Do you like listening to music of the world? What does music mean to you? Talk about music and how it makes you feel. Here you have some vocab.







  • Classical music

  • folk music

  • flamenco

  • chord

  • coral bleach

  • Afroamerican music

  • Chill out music

  • Jazz music

  • Rap

  • Dj

  • Pop music

  • World music

  • Ecclectic Music

  • Dance music

  • Rock and roll

  • fado

  • Balads