Memorable concerts

  I went once to a very special concert. The singer was Carmen París and she is a great Spanish singer who combines typical music with new sounds.


sent by Trina Hernández

  I went last year to a concert in el Batel, the new auditorium in Cartagena. The group was Café Quijano and it was real fun!


sent by Javier García, EOI Murcia

  I regularly go to see classical music concerts. They are so relaxing. I love them.


by Elena G., EOI English teacher

Last summer I went to some free concerts on the beach.

I had a great time with my friends and family.

We danced a lot.


I had the chance to join a concert of the memorable group of Los Secretos in November 2016. The voice of the band was Enrique Urquijo, but when he died, the group continued with his brother Alvaro as the singer. Although I got used to listening to the original voice, the lyrics were the same. By listening to them, I felt over the moon.


I remember a memorable concert of U2 in July 2009 in the marvellous city of Barcelona. I went with my husband and some good friends. It was a quick trip.

By María José Barrero

It was My Bloody Valentine's concert during the Primavera Sound 2009 festival. I was less than 60 km from the auditorium (at home, alone), which is O.K. because they played the re-release of the «Loveless» album at 130dB, which means that the volume of the sound was equivalent to an airplane taking off. So I could hear it placidly from where I was without damaging my ears. I remember it was a mesmerizing experience, a lysergic tsunami which dyed the ambient in magenta hues.

by Elena Conejero, NA1

It is hard to forget this outstanding concert in which Mónica Naranjo gave her best live show. It took place in the Theatre López de Ayala in Badajoz. It was five years ago. She went on tours with “Madame Noir”. It was a musical work based on the 40s and the 50s of the film noir.

To round off the concert, she sang “Nessum Dorma”, she has a great voice, so this song sounded really amazing.

I was accompanied by my brother. Without a doubt, it was worth paying 50 euros.

by Esther Trejo

I went to Barcelona two years ago to attend a charity concert in favour to Robert Podsiadly, who was the leader of the British vocal group Rocky Sharpe and the Replays and nowadays he has multiple sclerosis. Johnny Stud (Robert’s brother) sang their repertoire with The Velvet Candles, a marvellous vocal group from Barcelona. To be honest, rarely have I been seen an exciting atmosphere like there. I was absolutely stunned. Most of the audience finished singing in tears in their eyes. Undoubtedly, a concert to remember

by Javier Paños

When I think back, a memorable concert for me was a few years ago. My husband, some friends and I went to Zaragoza to see one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to. The main group was Buzzcocks, a punk rock British band. They celebrated their 40 anniversary in 2016. We spent more than three hours dancing as if we had ants in our pants. In spite of the fact that the place was too tiny, we had a wonderful time.

by Asunción Galindo