Las Meninas

  • These two paintings are not so different. It is true that they have a different style, different colours and maybe if they are not together you can appreciate the differences, but when they are together, they represent the same aspects.-Roberto Vidal, EOI CT.

  • I think they are very different from each other. Personally, I like more the original painting than Picasso's version- Raúl Sánchez, EOI Murcia.

  • Picasso has a very different style. Both paintings have similarities but differences at the same time. They are different and I must admit that Picasso's paiting is really original.- Antonio García, EOI Mazarrón.

  • I think they are similar but I prefer the abstract painting. It is full of colours and it's beautiful for my living room!- Sara Martínez, former student EOI Caravaca.