Green architecture

I went some months ago to Gijón and I found this wonderful building. It was quite shocking at first because its architecture. It was simple, natural and green.- by Francisco García, EOI CT

A friend who lives in Madrid sent me this picture and I love it. It is a green house located in the Sierra de Madrid. The materials which were used to build this house can be recycled and are environmentally friendly.

By Ana Moreno, former student EOI Murcia

This is the Caja Madrid tower, the highest tower in Spain. It has been built by Norman Foster and it’s also an example of Green architecture. 

 As I know, Green architecture is an approach to building that minimizes harmful effects on human health and the environment. There are some examples across the world like the  ACROS Foundation Building in Fukuoka, Japan.

by Alicia Sánchez Blaya, NI2, EOI Mazarrón.