Film festivals or film types

1) I’m very interested in different kinds of films, for example I could say that one of my favorite types of films is romantic comedy, I’m crazy about it and my sister too, because when we go to the cinema we want to enjoy with the film and laugh with the different scenes and actors. On the other hand, another type of film that I feel attracted to is horror films although in this case I prefer to watch this kind of films on the sofa at home. And finally I’d like to write something about the kind of films that I really hate, these are western films, in my opinion these films always have the same plot and I think that it is so boring.- Vanesa Acosta, EOI Mazarrón.


2) My favourite kinds of films are science fiction as Star Wars and Blade Runner, because of its spectacular scenes and imaginative scripts, I also like the musical films as Singin’ in the Rain and Hair because of its actors, its music and its script, however I don’t like The sound of Music because in my opinion this film is very romantic and very sensitive. Of course I also like other kinds of films such as action, historical, thriller, western, etc. In conclusion I like almost all kinds of films, but I don’t like horror films.- Lorenzo García, EOI Mazarrón.


3) First of all, I would like to say that "Cinema drives me crazy". In fact, I usually go to the cinema at least once a month. Besides, I also love watching films at home with my famiy. As I see it, I really like a lot of kinds of films although I feel attracted to historcal films and science fiction films. In addiction, I love comedy because I think that it is very funny and you always have a great time. On the other hand, I can´t stand romantic films and drama because in my opinion, these kinds of films are completely boring.- Ana María Fernández, EOI Mazarrón. 



4) The reason why I feel attracted to comedy films is because the plot is very funny and it makes me feel very well. Generally, many people think that comedy films are quite silly and boring, but despite that, in my opinion, I definitely believe that the plots are very current. In most of the cases it is the way of saying the problems we find every day in our life. However, I dislike watching horror and drama full of emotional and surrealist scenes. When I was a teenager I used to see cartoon series on TV, nowadays they are shown at the cinema; besides, they have an excellent review and the critics are good. Actually, they are still my favourite films. Finally, I would say that I really love watching films if I can do it in a big screen at the cinema better than watching it on TV.-Amparo Rodríguez, EOI Mazarrón.


5) The kind of film I feel attracted to are a lot, as action films, animation films, comedies, drama, musical and rom-com. From my point of view, it depends on the moment when I see the film that I prefer one or another. I´m absolutely convinced that the cinema is an entertainment to spend some time. I like the comedy because I laugh at it, but sometimes I believe that seeing an action film is good to have a fun on a Saturday afternoon or a rom-com with my daughter on the sofa eating an enormous chocolate ice-cream. I dislike horror films because I´m afraid and at night I have nightmares. I disagree with my husband who likes very much the science fiction films and the trillers. I would like to go to the cinema often, because we can see better in the big screen, but going to the cinema is very expensive for five people. So we rent the films at the video shop, whenever we want, although we can´t see the premiere.- María José Zamora, EOI Mazarrón.


6) I’m going to talk about the films that I feel attracted to. I'd like to start by saying that I love cinema in general, so I can watch films which are very different from each other. For example, I used to watch animation films when I was a child, but I don't any longer. Nowadays, I’m very keen on horror films because they’re very exciting (especially whether you watch them with the lights off at night). The awful thing is when you have to go to bed after seeing this kind of films, because you can be sure that you'll hear strange noises everywhere. Apart from this kind of films, I really hate the romantic comedy ones because they mostly have the same plot and a happy ending....and this really gets on my nerves. What I mean is that I prefer films which you can't predict the end and you don't know what can happen in each moment.-Gerardo Marín, EOI Mazarrón.


7) Personally I enjoy with all kind of films, specially thrillers and drama. I feel attracted to it because I like unexpected endings, for this reason I don´t like comedy and rom-com, basically they are predictable. With respect to action films it seems to me awful, it is always the same and the actors are usually bad. Finally from my point of view western films are both boring and old-fashioned, except Django Unchained. Definitely I love it!- Ana Sáez, EOI Mazarrón.


8) From my point of view my favourite kind of films is when I spend a good time. For this reason I see a lot of comedy .I chose that type of film because I'm absolutely happy, every second I smile. In fact,If I see a strange look I can't stop smiling.I strongly believe that you see this film AGARRALO COMO PUEDAS I discovered this kind of film one weekend while my little brother and I found a good film. A few scenes are absolutely amazing. I have seen this film once or twice per month with my family.Nevertheless,this film hasn't got special effects, it is just entertaining .The principal actor of this film is LESLY NIELSEN, the extras are very important in this film too.I'm sure that the soundtrack in this movie is good.Other kinds of films I see are more dramatic such as a western films, their script are more interesting,more cultural,more violent and a horror film.- Priscila García, EOI Mazarrón.


9) I'd like to start by talking about what kind of films I feel attracted to. I´m absolutely convinced that the best films in the world are thriller films because they make you feel alert and awake. In addition, to me, plots of those films are usually more elaborated and intelligent than in other movies styles. Thrillers are usually joined to another style: drama. In my view, both must be joined in any type of those films and, if it is possible, they must have a surprising end, especially when the plot is so elaborated, it must be suddenly too and, of course, it is almost an obligation, the end must be a bad or sad end. On the other hand, many people think that romantic comedies are really interesting but, in my case, I can’t stand romance comedy films at all. I believe that they are the most boring and stupid films that could be made by any director, but are so appreciated by many people and are very commercial.-Francisco Méndez Tejada, EOI Mazarrón.


10) Apart from this,the kind of film that attracts me the most are war films,I´m very fond of them and specially films that are based on true stories because they always reveal something true that it has passed before in history, Furthemore,I´m very interested in Spanish comedy as well because they are absolutely hilarious, a good example of this is the film "The 8 Basque surnames". It's a fantastic film where its star is Dani Rovira. In fact, he playsa very good role. And to finish with ,musical and horror films get on my nerves, I can't bear them.- Francisco Peña, EOI Mazarrón.


11) Firstly, I really like the following types of films: comedy, adventure, romantic and drama.Drama is definitely my favorite genre .The more intense, the better. It sometimes makes me cry.Also, I dislike horror, although there are too silly and I can´t stand torture porn, it is really disgusting!!-María Asunción Galindo Viscarret, EOI Mazarrón.


12) I have to start saying that I’m not an expert on cinema, it isn’t my favourite free time activity. Besides, I feel attracted to romantic comedies and especially musical movies.I think that a few times I go to the cinema, I prefer to be entertained and see beautiful things. I don’t like anything scary or bloody movies, because I’m really afraid of them. I also dislike thrillers.- Conchi Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


13) When I go to the cinema, I like to see different movies. Movies based on real events or thrillers, also I like to watch Spanish films too and if there are comedies better.If I can I like to watch released movies, but nowadays it isn’t very common. I dislike films with a lot of special effects, these films are very fast for my eyes. I hate horror films, because after seeing them I’m afraid.-Aniana Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


14) There are different kinds of films and different kinds of people as well. Due to this, each person has its favourite film or TV series. For the most part, men are more attracted to action films and war films and, nevertheless, women are more attracted to historical and rom-com films. In my case, I’m very keen on romantic films as love is one of the most important things in my life and, on the contrary, I can’t stand horror films as I’m scared of blood.- Ana Belén López Zabala, EOI Mazarrón.


15) First of all, I have to say that I am a romantic woman, so I really love romantic films and rom-com films as they make me dream and forget my daily problems. Furthermore, I enjoy watching films which are based on real life events, as they show the problems that people have, the way of solving them and lots of values such as friendship, love, effort and so on.Apart from this I am also interested in action films, drama and thrillers and those that are shot in beautiful places with wonderful landscapes.- Isabel María Ramirez, EOI Mazarrón.


16) My favorite kind of films is romantic comedy. I like feeling well when I sit in front of TV or at the cinema for nearly 2 hours. And I don’t feel very well with violence, for example. In my opinion violence and horror are bad feelings, and I don’t need them, on TV or real life. I also enjoy watching action films and thrillers. They make me be hooked on the film as if I was in it.- Virginia Zornoza, EOI Mazarrón.


I like spy and mafia movies, also detective and noir films, thrillers, dramas, comedies and horror and sci-fi movies. Also, the cinema attached to movements like Free Cinema, American and British New Wave or No Wave cinema.  I also like a lot the type of cinema of the Dardenne brothers or Ken Loach.



I’m a little ashamed, but I’m a big fan of romantic comedies. I think that they are absolutely enjoyable and hilarious. They are known as chick-flick films.The worst thing is that they tend to be quite predictable, but I  don’t mind, romantic comedies can easily draw a smile on my face.

On top of that, I’m really into horror films, they can make my blood run cold and keep me at the edge of my seat, however I can’t stand bloody or gory movies, since they are no rather convincing for me.

19) Javier Paños:

To be honest, I enjoy a lot with very different sort of films. Basically it depends on my mood. I really fancy hilarious comedies when I want to spend a good time. However, I enjoy a lot with intriguing thrillers, fascinating fantasy movies, or one in a blue moon, amusing and gripping blockbusters. Finally, every now and then, I watch some thought provoking films.


20)María Asunción Galindo:

I am not the kind of person who likes thrilling films. However, I am really into amusing, entertaining and exciting ones. For example, action films with a good script that the plot is a bit side-splitting, touching but not over the top. Sometimes, when I feel as a couch potato, it is the best moment for me to see some movies.



I’m crazy about watching mystery film. These kind of films that are full of suspense and really gripping. The actors take an important place, they must be versatile in order to make us approach to the story. I seldom watch a romantic film, unless it is based on real facts .