Favourite TV series

1)  Most of my favorites TV series are based on books for example the “Game of Thrones” is a fantasy novel, I read the books and I liked them because the story is different and I’m addicted to this saga and now I’m watching the series on  TV. In my opinion, another very good TV series  is “Dexter”, I’m very interested in it because this isn’t a normal crime series, in this case the protagonist is a murderer, and we can watch the different cases from  his perspective.-Vanesa Acosta, EOI Mazarrón.


2) Right now, my favourite TV series is “Criminal Minds”, because it is a series of police, where the excitement and suspense makes  from the beginning to the end of the episode you be very aware of the plot. The performances are very good and the script is excellent.- Lorenzo García, EOI Mazarrón.


3) Moving to another thing, I really love some TV series. To give you an example, I prefer historical TV series like: Elizabeth, Joan of Arc, The Tudor and Anna Bolena. I think that these TV series are very interesting and you can learn a lot of things about History. Apart from this, I am very keen on thriller TV series such as: American Horror History, The walking Death or True Blood. I believe that they are completely exciting and the performances are excellent. I have to say that nowadays I am watching a great TV serie called "Castle". As I see it, it´s fantastic not only because of the plot which is totally entertaining but also because of the main actor and actress who are absolutelly hilarious because they have a very good sense of humor. On the contrary, I can´t stand dramatic TV series because I believe that they are very boring and completely sad and I hate sad endings.- Ana María Fernández, EOI Mazarrón.


4) My favourite TV series are charming comedies, that is because it gets my sense of humour; apart from that, I really like programs like redes where I can learn interesting things.- Amparo Rodríguez, EOI Mazarrón.


5) Now my favourite TV series is “Cuéntame como pasó”, it´s a Spanish serie which has been broadcast by the Spanish public TV channel TVE1 since 2001. The series recounts the experiences of a middle-class family, Los Alcántara, during the last years of the rule of Franco and the beginning of the Spanish Transition to democracy. Its name comes from a famous song by the Spanish 1960s pop group Fórmula V, titled Tell Me. The producer of the series is Miguel Ángel Bernardeau. From my point of view, this serie is my favourite one because through situations, characters, and attitudes of the era, the series evokes a reminiscence of those times and the first chapters reminds me my youth because one of the character was an immigrant in France and after that he returned to Spain, as my family and me. The actors are very convincing and the performances are exceptcional, I think this is the 14th seasons and I try not to miss any chapter.- María José Zamora, EOI Mazarrón.


6) I'd like now to discuss about tv series. My favorite serie is "Big Bang Theory" because it's pretty hilarious and you can't stop laughing all the time. You’ve probably heard that the scripts are quite ingenious and the cast is really talented….and yes, it’s true!-Gerardo Marín, EOI Mazarrón.


7) As far as Tv series are concerned, I like foreign Tv series, above all Lost, Game of Thrones, American Horror Story and Breaking Bad. I don’t usually like Spanish series because they copy foreign series. I’ve seen hundred of TV series, nevertheless the best TV series I’ve ever seen is Breaking Bad . Bryan Creston played the part of Walter White, the star and the script was very good. I saw most of this TV series in English, but with subtitles, it was great.- Ana Sáez, EOI Mazarrón.


8) Now I’d like to talk about my favourite TV series. I have some different series that I like, but the one I like the most is “Breaking Bad”: Walter White (Bryan Cranston) is a teacher of Chemistry at a high school and he has got a pregnant wife and a handicapped son. He works in a car wash in the afternoon because he doesn’t earn enough money with his job. Then he was diagnosed a lung cancer that will make him die in a few time and he decides to earn more money and in a very fast way making drugs like methamphetamine with a former pupil Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul). Walter White’s personality will become more and more dark along the series in order to protect his family, but not only that…the series star with Walter with a “white” personality and this will become step by step in dark, from “Walter White” to “Dark Walter”, that is the reason why I really fancy it: a normal and good person can become other very different if the situation changes and turns badly.- Francisco Méndez Tejada, EOI Mazarrón.


9) My favourites tv series are usually American series because these series show different ways of laughing and to me this is very important and I can see these series dubbed in Spanish although,I try to see them in English but, it is very complicated due to the fact that the level is upper English.The last years I saw the BIG BANG TEORY, this serie has a interest plot.The plot is about four friends who are scientists and work in a university when they meet at their nighbourhood they beging living in the real world, they get in touch with people and society in general .In spite of all they continue with their traditional games and odd ways of seeing life.In this series the director doesn't include a star, from my point of view this is a great idea.Many people say that the script is simple but, I reckon that they make a mistake becaus , this series teach a lot of things about science and important facts in our history.Other series that I see are the thudor ,game of Thrones, a few this series include special effects and amazing scenes with enormous castles and churches. The rest of series show common problems in our life and different ways to see it. Apart from that the series that I choose include good moments which I laugh a lot with.- Priscila García, EOI Mazarrón.


10) Without a doubt, my favorite TV series is Gran Hotel. It was a mystery and dramatic series.It was directed by Carlos Sedes. It was set in Santander in the Palacio de la Magdalena.A young boy called Julio Olmedo arrived at Cantaloa Hotel. He went there looking for his daughter. Also, Alicia helped him with the investigation.The plot is based on a book, which was written by Maria López Castano.- María Asunción Galindo Viscarret, EOI Mazarrón.


11) Secondly, regarding my favourite series I like the current Spanish series. My best friend is hooked on the “the Prince” but I prefer “Velvet” because from my point of view it’s great. Actors and actresses work very well and it shows that they enjoy what they do.Also, it’s an epoch series and the costumes and sets are wonderful. They are very well made. I love it! Every week, I’m waiting for Monday to arrive to sit in front of the TV and enjoy my favourite series.

- Conchi Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


12) Nowadays my favourite TV series are two. On Mondays “Velvet” and on Tuesdays “The Prince”. There are different styles and plots, so for example the first one is based on the fifties and I like to know how the people used to live and the second one is based on the real life with immigration and problems with sects. Both of them are interesting and they make my nights more enjoyable.- Aniana Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


13) As for TV, I’m very fond of tv series and nowadays “the prince” is my favourite one. It was shot on location in Ceuta (Spain) and Alex Gonzalez plays the part of Javier Mrey, a FBI agent who travels to Ceuta to investigate the recruitment of teenagers. There he meets Fátima (Iba Abouk) and Arabian woman who is looking for her missing brother;Their eyes meet and they fall in love.- Ana Belén López Zabala, EOI Mazarrón.


14) My favourite TV series are Spanish series. The last series I was really interested in was Luna. The actors and actresses were brilliant; Luna had a good plot and it was not too long. It was quite exciting; it was a mix of drama, thriller and romance.- Isabel María Ramirez, EOI Mazarrón.


15) About the TV series, the decision is very easy. The best TV series ever is FRIENDS, undoubtedly. I love this series because it is very funny, with six main characters very well characterized. It revolves around these six friends living in Manhattan, and every chapter is better than the last one, perfectly yarn. And each character is fun in its own way.- Virginia Zornoza, EOI Mazarrón.

16) I have been seeing “Friends” for few weeks. The serie was produced in 1994, but I find it really enjoyable. The serie shows the lives of a group of friends living in Manhattan.The plot isn’t too deep, but is amusing enough to forget about the dialy routine. by Encarni Moreno

17) As far as I’m concerned, my favourite comedy serie is “Allí abajo”. I recommend it because the script is really entertaining, moving, hysterical and funny too. If I were you, I would see it every week. You can’t miss it.- Asunción Galindo

18) I sometimes burn the candle at both ends watching Game of Thrones. I really appreciate it. I am a big fan of the book even so I enjoy a lot watching the tv serie. I would like to point out its special effects and its plot.

On the other hand, when now and then I need to disconnect of the real world, I frequently watch romcoms. I’m a little ashamed to admit it, but I’m a big fan of The big bang Theory or Friends. As a matter of fact, I have spent a really nice time watching those series. - Javier Paños

19) 'Freaks and Geeks' (Judd Apatow, i.a., 1999), a coming-of-age 'dramedy' set at the end of the 70's, first 80's, which portrays the wanderings of a handful of teenagers. I find it very funny, tender and sincere. The best high school TV show. - Elena Conejero

20) I’m a big fan of TV series, in fact I have the channel “Netflix” in which I can find hundreds of sitcoms and movies. Another advantage of this is that you can choose the language.

Nowadays, my favourite TV series is “Gotham”. I have seen two seasons, and the third season is carrying out at the moment.

Gotham is a crime drama based on the origin stories of several Batman villains, such a, Penguin, Catwoman, Joker and so on.

It is extremely entertaining, it lasts 43 minutes, if you want to have a relaxing time, I highly recommend this sitcom.- Esther Trejo