Favourite programmes

I absolutely love most of the programmes of Channel 2. They are carefully prepared and are entertaining. Maybe my top 1 is Cámara Abierta 2.0 which talks about the Internet as a communication tool.

When I'm at home I usually watch programmes such as Saber y Ganar, which is pretty difficult, Pasa Palabra and La Ruleta de la Fortuna...I like testing my cultural knowledge, although I admit I'm quite bad at guessing...

I'm fond of historical TV series like Isabel. I'm learning a lot about our history and about queens and kings!!!

I really love Spanish soap operas. They make me switch my mind off...The ones I like are La señora, Amar en tiempos revueltos and La República...They are quite entertaining and fun for siesta time!

I'm interested in documentaries such as España a ras del cielo or un país para comérselo...They give us the opportunity of learning about our gastronomy and our heritage...

My favourite TV programme is definetely Top Chef..I really enjoy when contestants prepare wonderful and delicious dishes..

I'm learning a lot about cooking techniques.

I always watch Teledeportes because I'm keen on sports in general. 

My favourite programmes are sitcoms for example, Cuéntame como pasó, which is a Spanish sitcom based on the daily lives of real people. I'm a fan of the plot!

I am quite worried about the world affairs and for that reason I watch the news as often as possible. I watch 24 horas in Spanish, but I also watch the CNN and the BBC to practice my English.

I like all the programmes that deal with cinema. My favourite one is the programme presented by Cayetana Guillén Cuervo, Días de Cine

Sent by Sonia Saura, former student EOI

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Sent by Raúl Travé, former student EOI

The documentary series of Louis Theroux, 'L'hora del lector' ('Reader's Hour') (2007-11), 'Arquitectures' (ARTE Documentary Series) and 'Top Gear'.

Sent by Elena Conejero, student EOI Mazarrón

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Sent by Javier Paños, student EOI Mazarrón

I am particularly keen on watching quiz shows. Nowadays, many programmes are not worth watching, since they are known as trash TV, so I would rather watch programmes in which I can learn something interesting.

If I had to choose my favourite quiz show, it would be “Saber y ganar”. Here, we can find some interesting questions about different topics. Above all, my favourite proof is called “The human calculator” in which the contestant has to do 7 calculations in 30 seconds.

I have hardly got a spare time nowadays to watch tv but when I get the time I try to watch the news or chat shows with the aim to keep in touch the latest news. Hence I occasionally watch programmes such as El intermedio or La sexta noche.

If I had to choose a TV programme, I would say documentaries. I usually try to listen to them in English in order to learn history and English at the same time. Moreover, this kind of documentaries makes me feel as if I travel around the world, from the past and the future as well. I hold the view that, if the story is dubbed from English into Spanish, they ruin it. I would rather see in English.

Sent by Asunción Galindo, student EOI Mazarrón

Since I discovered the Internet series, I hardly ever watch TV. The schedule is flexible and I can choose what I want to see in each moment. Besides, in my house live two children, so as a consequence, cartoons and teen series are always on TV

Sent by Encarni Moreno, student EOI Mazarrón