Write an article about the most common environmental problems you are worried about, either locally or globally speaking.

Follow these steps to write an article and check the writing section within the students' resources.

It is well-known that our planet is suffering the consequences of the Global Warming and the green house effect. The Mother Earth is changing, and we, human beings, are the ones in charge of doing something about it. 

Write down a few lines talking about what can we do to help the envrionment 1) from a political point of view and 2) from a personal perspective.

Do you recycle? What do you recycle? Why do you think recycling is important?

Talk about it either writing a few lines or orally.

Practice the four "R"s: Recycle, reuse, reduce, repair

Watch this video and reflect about what is happening in our planet. Which image is the most striking one? Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? How was it? What were the consequences? How did you feel?

Video made by Greenpeace, source: greentv.Green Awards 2006.


"Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth deserves a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action"

Have you ever heard about the concept of green architecture? Do you know any examples of it?

Climate neutral and highly isolating building materials are an integral part of sustainable architecture. Solar panels, for instance, function as a wall in a solar house. In energy efficient houses, building materials become part of the energy system, combining decoration and function.


Answer the following poll. Are you green enough?

Using Google Earth, click here, visit any natural park in the world and share in 

What do you know about renewable energies? Talk about the praticality of the following sources of energy. Write down ideas for the costs and benefits of the following:

  • Fossil fuels

  • Solar power

  • Wind power

  • Thermal energy

  • Nuclear power

  • Wave power

  • Hydro-electric power

  • Biofuels

Decide on the three most practical sources of energy for your country. Give reasons for your decision.

Share with us the beautiful pictures of our nature. If you like taking pictures of nature, animals, landscapes...name the photo with title, a few lines and send it to us!

Flowers together

Flowers together

Purple and green together in summer

The mushroom

The mushroom

Is there anyone out there?

The Butterfly

The Butterfly

Colour and freedom

What do you do to preserve the environment? Do you like plating trees? Do you buy organic food? Do you practice carpooling when going to work or travelling? Do you use the bycicle instead of the car? Do you prefer the ecotourism? Give us your tips to take care of the planet.

Vote for the best "bit"

Watch these three video taken from Youtube and give you opinion on any of them. Did you like them? yes, no, why?

Learn this tongue twister by heart and record it using your computer, your mp3, your mobile or any other programme. Record it talking as fast as possible and without making mistakes. It will be fun!!

Whether the weather be fine

or whether the weather be not,

whether the weather be cold,

Or whether the weather be hot.

We'll weather the weather,

whatever the weather,

whether we like it or not.