The Beach
Cabo de Palos
Mar Menor
Early in the morning

What's your favourite place in Murcia? Is it near the coast, is it a city or is it a landscape or rural area? Write a description of it, and feel free to add some pictures!

I love this place. Time stops, no noise, just the blue sky and the almond trees.

Childhood memories come to my mind...

Far from everything, just nature surrounding this wonderful place.

Sierra Espuña behind it. Enjoy the peace and quiet of it.

What's your favourite recipe from Murcia? Do you like savoury dishes like michirones, gazpacho jumillano or do you prefer desserts such as buñuelos, paparajotes or toñas?


Send your favourite recipe; you can either write it down (ingredients and how to prepare it) or you can send some pictures or videos.

1. Dip the tomatoes in boiling water to loosen the skin, then peel them and cut them in to small pieces


2. Peel and slice the onions and garlic


3. Clean and slice the peppers and courgettes


4. Put the olive oil into a frying pan, and gently fry the garlic and onions for a couple of minutes. Add the peppers and turn up the heat a little. Cook for five minutes, stirring all the time.


5. Add the courgette, stir and cook for five more minutes and then add the tomatoes. Cover the pan, and leave to simmer for about 15 minutes.


6. Add a teaspoon of sugar and salt to taste. Turn up the heat and stir well.




2 courgettes

4 tomatoes

2 onions (medium size)

2 green peppers

3 cloves of garlic

olive oil







Do you like taking pictures of your Region? If you want to share some of them, be welcome. Do you have a special image about the place where you live?

Send the picture and write a few lines about it.



Next month some English speakers will come to visit Murcia and you are in charge of organizing a 

guided tour around any place of the region. Choose a place and design a one-day tour.

You can write it down, draw the map or just record it.



If you know any place, landscape or custom to be discovered, share it with us! Write a few lines about it and send some pictures.



Here you can write about your favourite bar or restaurant within the Region of Murcia. Why do you recommend it?

What are its specialities? Talk about the location, the dishes, the atmosphere, and of course, about the price!!.


Mamma mia, Italian restaurant in Puerto de Mazarrón

Mamma Mia is located in the sporting marina area of the Puerto de Mazarrón and it's surrounded by the sea and the port. It also has breathtaking views over the Mazarrón Bay.

But what I like the most about it is its cosy atmosphere, its Italian flavour and, of course, it's Italian dishes! They are mouth-watering!


PS. And it's quite affordable!

Write a formal letter to the mayor talking about the things that should be done in your village or city. For instance:

  • green ideas

  • cleaning the streets

  • cycle lane

  • gardens and parks

  • facilities

  • among others...

Record a video promoting any place of the Region of Murcia and share it with us! You can add your voice talking in English and explaining your place.

This video has been taken from youtube and created by Murcia Turística