Create your voki, say your name and your school and answer briefly to the following questions:

  • When was your last trip?

  • Where did you go?

  • Did you have fun?

Have you travelled much in your life? Tell us the places where you've been to and we'll stick a tack on them!

Tell us about your favourite holidays, your favourite trip or your favourite destination. You can also add some photos!

Communicating when travelling is vital to make use of the most common expressions in English within each communicative context. Learning the language through dialogues is very useful since it is practical and fun.

Write, perform or record brief dialogues and send them to the platform so that all of us can learn from them. You can send your written dialogues, a video or record an audio file.

Here you've got some travelling contexts:

  • At the airport (check-in desk, at the bar, boarding)

  • At the train or bus station (buying tickets, asking for info about the schedule)

  • On the plane 

  • At the hotel (checking in)

  • At the hotel bar

  • At the hotel (complaining about something)

  • At the hotel (asking for something)

  • At the hotel (making a reservation)

  • Asking for directions and giving directions

  • Getting lost

  • At the restaurant (making a reservation)

  • At the restaurant (conversation with the waiter when ordering)

  • At the restaurant (complaining)

  • Shopping (postcards, souvenirs, clothes, asking for prices and sizes)

  • Driving (at the gas station)

  • Sightseeing

  • At the doctor's (not feeling well, making an appointment, etc...)

Send one of your best pictures. Send it with a title and a few lines with info about it.The pictures must have been taken by you! We will vote for the best photo!

Do you prefer a cultural city break or  some relaxing beach holidays? Write an opinion post on this (150 words approx). Here you are some  expressions that you may find useful to make comparisons between both types of travelling.

Sometimes while travelling we may have problems  and complain about them. Write a complaint letter to the travel agency that organised your last holidays.

Don't forget to use a formal register and appropriate lexis chunks.

Do you know what home exchange is? Do some research and write about the advantages and disadvantages of this type of holidays!

Here you have a link with some useful expressions to express advantages and disadvantages

You are just back from a trip and want to share it with your best friend. Write an informal e-mail (200 words approx.)  to your friend telling her about the trip. Talk about transport, accommodation, your feelings, and talk about an anecdote.

Remember: do use informal register. Have a look here.

Feel free to write, record, perform anything regarding travelling in its broad sense.

You can talk about your own experiences, about culture shock, budget ways of travelling, how to organise a trip and so on...

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travelling 3.jpg
travelling 2.jpg

Do some research on festivities. Click on the links above, have a look at the calendar, choose one, and prepare a 5 minute presentation on it! You can also choose a Spanish festivity!

And, of course, share it with us!!!


Don't forget to use connectors, oral discourse markers, and have a look at how to give effective presentations here.