Do you know which the seven arts are? Which one do you like the most? Why? Choose your 3 favourite arts from the list:

  • Drawing

  • Painting

  • Photography

  • Architecture

  • Literature

  • Music 

  • Theatre 

  • Dance

  • Gastronomy...


Have a look at these two pictures of las Meninas. Can you spot the differences and similarities?

Task 3: Google Earth, visiting London

Using Google Earth pinpoint all the most outstanding museums in London and design a tour giving directions on how to go from a museum to the other.

Task 4: Styles of art

Match each picture with an art style. Which is your favourite one? What's your favourite painter or sculptor?

Task 5: Women and art
Task 6: Ron Mueck

Watch this video taken from youtube about the sculptor Ron Mueck. Do you like his sculptures?

See your opinions here

Women have always been represented in well-known masterpieces. Talk about the role of women within art. Write a few lines about it.

Task 7: Guernica by Picasso

Watch this video taken from youtube representing the famous Guernica by Picasso and write down a brief composition talking about its meaning.





Task 8: Describing your favourite photo or pic

What's your favourite picture, painting or photo? Share it with us!

Describe it as much as in detail as possible.

Here you've got some nice expressions.





These two masterpieces have been painted by El niño de las Pinturas in Granada

Task 9: NEW ARTS

Times have changed and art is a much broader concept than before.

Do you like video art? Do you like body art?

Do some research on the different types of emerging arts.




Task 10: ARTISTS

If you like painting, drawing, making crafts, collages, hand-made things, or you like creating your own videos and photograhps, share your passion with us!




Task 11: What's your favourite museum?