Cinema quiz and vocab


When was the last time you went to the cinema? Did you like the film? Write a review about any film you liked or didn't like!

Here you can see some useful vocabulary and expressions and  here some structures for your review.

Here you can download a simple sample structure for it or you can do some research on the Internet and look for parallel texts. Thanks to EOI Molina Teacher Teresa Bastida for the sample.


Which is your favourite soundtrack? Any from this list? or any other?:


1. The Notebook: The Lake-Aaron Zigman

2. Forrest Gump:Im Forrest, Forrest Gump - Alan Silvestri

3.The Cider House Rules. Main titles - Rachel Portman

4.Chocolat. Main Titles - Rachel Portman

5.Romeo & Juliet. A time for us - Nino Rota

6. Pirates of the Caribbean.One Day - Hans Zimmer

7. Braveheart-James Horner

8.Tuck Everlasting.Theme song - William Ross

9.Legends of the Fall.The Ludlows - James Horner

10.Titanic. The Portrait - James Horner


Task 4: Your favourite scene

Choose one of your favourite scenes and invent a brief dialogue for it. We will vote for the best movie caption!



Which is your favourite film quote? any memorable one that has been important to you or that you simply like? Share it with us!

Here it goes mine:


"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But you can either run from it or learn from it".

Rafiki from theLion King

Task 5: Create your own movie

Create and share with us your own movie! You can use programmes such as,, among others.

They're very easy to use! Give it a try!


Task 6: The best films ever

1001 films to see before you die. Do you know the titles? have you already watched them? Have a look at this link. Which is your favourite film? Send us the title and, if you feel like, a video performing a scene of your favourite movie.


Task 7: Cinema Dialogues

Invent a dialogue for each of the following situations:


  • You've just checked the film poster of your nearest cinema and feel like going to watch one film next Saturday night. Phone a friend to meet him up.

  • The film has just ended. Discuss with your friend about it, what you liked and what you didn't like at all!

Task 8: Film festivals and world films
Task 9: Your favourite TV series

Write about a film festival you know about it. Share your opinion with us. Have you ever been to a film festival?

OR, if you prefer,

GIve your opinion about the kind of films you feel attracted to: Spanish films, American movies, Bollywood, short films, mainstream films?

Some expressions here on how to give your opinion


Task 10: The BEST TV series EVER

Here you are a list with some of the most popular TV SERIES that are on TV currently. Isany of them your favourite one?:


1. Breaking Bad

2. Grey's Anatomy

3. Dexter

4.The Big Bang Theory

5.How I met your mother

6. True Blood

7. Criminal Minds

8. Game of Thrones

9. Bones


11. Downton Abbey

12. The Simpsons

13. House

14. Glee

15. Mad men

Wirte a composition about your favourite TV series, explaining why you love it!


Task 11: What's on the news?

Watching news is a great way of learning English, you can learn lots of expressions, structures and get to know what's happening around the world!

Understanding the news is not an easy task, but why don't you give it a go?

Here you've got some guidelines on how to make the most out of it! Thanks to EOI Murcia teacher Pilar Castro for the idea!


Task 12: TV genres

What type of TV programmes or shows do you enjoy the most? Talk

about them, and why you like them:


  • Sports 

  • Sitcoms

  • Documentaries

  • Soaps

  • Cartoon

  • Travel 

  • Cookery 

  • Reality shows

  • Quiz show

  • Talk show

  • Current affairs programmes


Task 13: Cinema quiz