I am very worried about environment in general so I try to do my bit.

I recycle bottles, paper and plastic and I try to reuse and repair all the things I've got at home.


          Sent by Javier G.

Do your bit

I love nature and for that reason I try to plant trees whenever I can. I also recycle and try not to throw away too much waste.


     Sent by Marina Pérez, former EOI Lorca student

I always use public transport. It's easy for me because I live in Murcia and it's environmentally friendly. I'm very worried about pollution in my city


           Sent by Virginia Fernández, EOI Murcia

Yes, I think in some way I’m green, I try to recycle as better as I can, I plant trees in my countryside and obviously I try to reduce my use of water and energy, I use the public transport instead of the car and  I always go on foot to near places.


     Sent by Alicia Sánchez

          EOI Mazarrón