The Best Soundtrack ever

1) In my opinion the film which has my favorite soundtrack is “Star Wars”. It is a mythical soundtrack composed by John Williams.- Vanesa Acosta, EOI Mazarrón.


2) My favourite one is the soundtrack of the film “ Out of Africa “, because this music makes you feel relaxed, and in some scenes with pictures it has a wonderful impact. -Lorenzo García Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


3) Respecting my favourite soundtrack, I would like to say that the most amazing soundtrack that I have ever heard is " The Last Mohican"- Ana María Fernández, EOI Mazarrón.


4) My favourite soundtrack is The Mission, that is because I was surprised the first time I heard such a beautiful and relaxing music.- Amparo Rodríguez, EOI Mazarrón.


5) My favourite soundtrack is Titanic because it´s a very romantic music like the film which I adore.- María José Zamora, EOI Mazarrón.


6) And finally, the best soundtrack that I've ever heard belongs to the film "Rocky IV" because it has a lot of great songs of the 80's (from my point of view, the best music of all time).-Gerardo Marín, EOI Mazarrón.


7) The best soundtrack I’ve ever listened to is Pulp Fiction soundtrack, although I think Quentin Tarantino always know how to choose the best music for his films. It makes me feel powerful and happy.- Ana Sáez, EOI Mazarrón.


8) MY favourite soundtrack is that music included in the movie edward scissorhands. This music was composed by ELFAMN DANNY, it is my favourite one because when I listen to this music I remenber the story of the film EDWARD. He is a different person who needs to trust in someone and needs part of something.- Priscila García, EOI Mazarrón.


9) Let me turn now to talk about what kind of soundtracks I like. There are several soundtracks that I really love but one of the the most is the soundtrack of “Star Wars” by John Williams, the soundtrack of Ben-Hur (1959), by Miklós Rózsa and the soundtrack of “The Godfather” as I have said. Finally, another soundtrack, very scary, that I really fancy is in “Psicosis”, by Bernard Herrmann.- Francisco Méndez Tejada, EOI Mazarrón.


10) My favourite soundtrack is the one of Pearl Harbor film.The soundtrack´s album has been nominated to the Golden Globe for the best soundtrack, nevertheless it lost by winning Moulin Rouge.The original soundtrack has been composed by Hans Zimmer,moreover, the song (there you´ll be) has been nominated to the Golden Globe Award for the best original song.- Francisco Peña, EOI Mazarrón.


11) To answer this question, my favorite soundtrack is from Baz Luhrmann´s adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. I fell in love with it when I saw the film.In addition, one of my favorite moments in the film came with the disco, heart string- tugger “Young Hearts Run free”.- María Asunción Galindo Viscarret, EOI Mazarrón.


12) Moreover, about the soundtrack, my favourite film is “Dirty Dancing”. Many people say that it’s a very bad movie but I like it. I really like the love story that the script shows and I love the songs of the movie and the actors who play choreographies. I’ve seen this movie a lot of times, because the soundtrack cheers my mind up when I have a bad time.- Conchi Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


13) On the other hand, my favourite soundtrack is the soundtrack of the film “Coyote Ugly”. When I watched this film, I bought the CD. Besides that, the music is part of the plot of the movie, I love it! Because I absolutely love the music and…my life without music isn’t possible.- Aniana Pérez, EOI Mazarrón.


14) And lastly, the music of a film is so important was well. In fact, there are some important soundtrack such as: Robin Hood or Breakheart but my favourite soundtrack is Titanic because every time I listen to Celine Dion’s songs, I can see the sea in my mind and I find the peace- Ana Belén López Zabala, EOI Mazarrón.


15) I don´t have any favourite soundtrack, although I really liked Dancing with the Wolves and The Last Mohican soundtracks. Furthermore there are other films with brilliant soundtracks such as Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman.- Isabel María Ramirez, EOI Mazarrón.


16)  My favorite soundtrack is the music of the film “P.S. I LOVE YOU”. I used this music for my alarm in the morning, because it is very soft and nice music.. I now use the amazing soundtrack of the TV series “Game of Thrones”.- Virginia Zornoza, EOI Mazarrón.


One of my favourite soundtrack is from the movie THE SPAWN. It includes plenty of industrial music and new rock and punk groups.



I have always felt some affiliation with the mod scene, so the soundtrack of 'Northern Soul' (2014) seems to me a good compilation of the greatest hits of the musical genre of the same name.


The soundtrack of the movie “Grease”is my favourite soundtrack without a doubt. In fact 40 years later, it continues being a very popular soundtrack.

Grease is a musical and it contains many great songs, such as, “You’re the one that I want”, “Greased Lightning” or “Hopelessly devoted to you”.

It makes me dance at anytime and anywhere. The songs of this movie are really catchy, even the song “You’re the one that I want” was a massive hit.

20) Javier Paños:

I am crazy about the soundtrack of the film “American Graffiti”. Personally, I adore the 50’s and 60’s music. In this film, which was directed by George Lucas in 1973, we can find a lot of golden classic songs of those decades. What is more, this soundtrack was the first vinyl record I bought. I was only eleven years old. I grew up listening to “She’s so fine”, “Since I don’t have you”, “The book of love” or “Maybe baby” from this vinyl disc.


21) María Asunción Galindo:

If you ask me, I could say that “The wizard of Oz” is my favourite soundtrack. This music makes me feel as if I am living in a magical world. It is really touching and gripping. The main song is “over the rainbow”. The melody has been recognised as the best one in the cinema field.


To my way of thinking, I adore “Gladiator” Soundtrack. If you ask me why, I could tell you that it is relaxing and a really touching music. What is more, the album won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.