Authentic material

I'm fond of reading magazines, they are great!

For me they are very entertaining, more than normal books

as you can learn lots of fresh and useful idiomatic expressions!

And some of them are free!


Francisco García, EOI CT

When I travel, I love picking up all kinds of leaflets and brochures and guides in English..I try to read whatever I find, although sometimes it is difficult to understand everything!


Alberto Ruiz, EOI MU

I think reading authentic material is great. It can help you to learn new structures and it is very useful. If you travel, you'll understand many words.


Antonio García, EOI Mazarrón

I buy a newspaper once a month. There is a newsagent's near home where I can buy many magazines and newspapers from all over the world. It's difficult to understand them, but step by step, you'll learn many things.


Ana Moreno, EOI Murcia